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[Sticky] Keeping Busy and Finding your Inner Creativity

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Joined: 10 months ago

Keeping your mind busy and undertaking a new hobby may be the key to unlock so many doors for yourself.

Whether you want to learn to play an instrument, take up a sport, try a spot of gardening or maybe even go down the arts and crafts route.

Everyone has some inner creativity crying to get out.

Explore some of these exciting avenues to find you’re inner passion.

I am still looking, I have never known what I have wanted to do and I think that has had a huge impact on my life.

I would find myself jumping from phase to phase month after month, year after year. 

Surfing to motocross to starting Uni courses then on to day trading to farming, the list goes on and on and on.

It is ridiculous.

But I’m not willing to settle for anything that I know I will not put 100% in to.

I just want to be happy and content.

Probably another factor.


What kept you busy? 

What helped you cope?

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Same here.

I’ve tried many things. Mostly because they intrigued me. 

Some of them stuck, some didn’t. I think the main thing is to be open and available to try all and new things. If we never try new things we’ll never know if they speak to our soul. Also, not feeling guilty to let something go if it doesn’t speak to you anymore.

There is this quote in a book I read:
“So I ask him ‘If you were given a pass to an amusement park, what would you do?’

‘Hummm, I think I’d get up very early to be the first one in and be among the last to leave.’

‘Would you try to go on all the rides?’

‘Yes, sure, I’d ride all the roller coasters, including those I’m afraid of, I’d wait in all the lines and go back to ride again the ones I really like, even if those lines are the longest, I’d try the rides that don’t exactly pique my interest and if there were time, I’d do it all over again. I’d try to suck the morrow out of the day.’

‘What if instead of a pass to an amusement park, someone give you the pass for a life, what would you do with that life?'”

So why not try everything…?


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