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[Sticky] Meditation experiences and benefits

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Joined: 10 months ago

Whilst at my lowest I tried to see what would work for me.

I don’t feel that I gave meditation the chance it deserved. I struggle to sit still for long amount of times and my mind constantly feels so busy I let the fear of it “not helping” stopping me from giving it a good shot.

What are your own personal experiences?

What could people like myself do to help the starting off phase?

How has meditation helped you?

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I absolutely love meditation.

It is a tricky thing to get into though, because most of us are overly involve with our minds (see my reply on mindfulness). 

I would recommend the app Head Space. The first few lessons on there is free. And it really helps understand the basics behind meditation. Then also, Power Thoughts Meditation Club has some pretty cool guided meditations.

The trick is to start small. Like 5min. And start with guided meditations. Eventually you’ll get to a place where you don’t need guidance or a timer. 



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