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How has your mental…
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[Sticky] How has your mental health affected your work?

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I can remember passing my exams to be an electrician about 11 years ago. I knew then I didn’t want to do it forever but I was still very much active on site about 4 months ago and I’m sure I will be back there very soon. When I was at my lowest, work became the worst place in the world. Being somewhere I felt I had to be, became ridiculous. I became very lazy, no cares. I brought myself down as well as others around me. So I quit with no plan. about 2 and a half months later I ended up calling back the boss with my tail between my legs. I am scared of settling, staying in one place too long, it makes me feel lime my life is kind of already over. So I float about, going in and out of different ideas. Anything apart from doing what I have for a career for 11 years. Never finding something to fill that piece, nothing that gets me excited or keeps me focused.

Round in circles to find myself worse off in square one than I ever have been. I think the frustration of not knowing what I wanted to do affected me massively.

Anyways, what are your stories with your work?



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I’ve been a town planner for 8 years now. Have an honours and master in it. It was a profession that kind of just fell in my lap…I didn’t get accepted as an architect student..and then this was recommended. 

I wouldn’t say I don’t love my job. I’m good at it. And it keeps me busy. But I’ve lately questioned if it’s still a good fit for me. And that thought really hit home hard, because I’ve invested so much in it! Lol. 

Two years ago I went through a very traumatic life event, which really just rocked me to my core. Made me question everything in my life. And from then on I think things just changed. I changed. 

Since then I’ve launched my own blog and podcast, which has become much more important and fulfilling than my actual job. Scary thought! But hey, my grandfather always says “what’s the use of having a mind, if you can’t change it?”. So really all we need to do it unattach. Learn to flow with life. We are not made to become stagnant. Always need to grow.



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