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[Sticky] Microdosing

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Joined: 10 months ago

I have toyed with the thought of trialling microdosing psilocybin for some time now.

I have finally got the bollocks and am biting the bullet.

I am going to be starting within the next few days and I will be documenting on here and on the blog.

Has anybody else considered it?

Or know anyone that has?

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Joined: 9 months ago

Well done for trying something out of the box.

I don’t do microdosing myself. But have a few friends that find it beneficial. According to them it helps them perform in their stressful working environments and gives them the edge they need. 

I do feel that it definitely is an individual preference thing. Won’t work for everyone. And might even be bad for some. So perhaps a good thing to try, just to see if it works. But being mindful while doing it is obviously important. 



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