Gardening is good for the mind, body and soul

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Forget me not's

I have grown up around allotments and amongst the countryside, so wherever I am in the world I need to be near some greenery and scenery.

My nan and grampa had the most amazing garden. There was a long row of blackcurrant and redcurrant bushes, surrounding towering runner bean wigwam like towers, little pea plants, cabbages and greenhouses bursting with tomatoes and cucumbers. With just enough room to squeeze in some spring onions, chives and parsley.

They had to have their own greenhouses, as this would stop the arguing from teasing each other on their grows!!

As a child I would remember wading through the gulley of the runner beans to get to the holy grail at the other side,

The Rhubarb!

Myself, my sister and my cousins were fortunate to have grown up in this magnificent garden and had the amazing opportunity to see how passionate they were with their produce. Which was often showcased by some runner beans with bacon and salted butter, followed by some stewed rhubarb. Unbelievable.

The front garden was equally as impressive, with the sheer vibrance of colours. Myosotis or “forget me not” flowers, which were grampas favourite were showcased on the rising front road wall for all to see. Backed with roses of every colour and stunning peach Lillys.

My Sister posing in Nana's garden
My Sister posing in Nana's garden

The Benefits of Gardening

Whether you are growing some healthy produce or want a bright and colourful garden, there are many benefits for starting a grow:

  • Growing gives yourself a responsibility, Which is beneficial for self worth.
  • You get to be creative! The garden is like your canvas and shovel the paintbrush.
  • Its great exercise, you will be surprised at how many calories you can burn by just pottering about in the garden. All the while releasing endorphins, which has the ability to help you relax.
  • It keeps your mind busy and gets you living in the moment.
  • Studies have found that spending more time in nature helps people destress and relax. Watching as your flowers bud, noticing the same blackbird coming for a daily visit. It is all very therapeutic.

It is more than just planting a seed and stepping back.

It gives you a chance of feeling at one with the world.

It is very easy to get lost in the colours, smells and sounds, all of which are just outside that door.

Below I have insterted some links to amazon to hopefully kick start your green fingered journey 🙂



Grampa tending to the cabbages
Nan picking some runner beans.

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